Everyone deserves a crown

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My Daily Crown is a place for self-love, self-reflection and self-worth. Find something that inspires you, makes you feel good or that is delicious so you want to cook it right away!

What makes me happy?

That´s the question that is supposed to pop up in your head whenever you read something in here. It can be anything, trust and follow your guts to make it come true. Happiness is nothing anybody else can do for you. You and you alone are responsible for your own happiness.

Take a leap of faith and make yourself happy, start right away!

The things that make me happy are training (communication and transactional analysis), cooking & gardening. That´s the reason why you will see a lot more of it on my page.


What´s your crown?

That is more or less a synonym for happiness. Every day I see people doing great stuff, having awesome ideas and loving whatever they´re doing. The minute I step out of my network, I see a lot of people who don´t know why they are doing what they are doing. People who are unhappy and I would even say miserable.

Everybody deserves a crown, everybody deserves to find out what makes him or her happy.



To navigate through the blog you find different categories:


Here you get to my garden as well as other garden projects I support. I also have my own “share seeds” box which enables people to take and share seeds.

Brain to go

Here you find everything that gives your brain food for thought.


I´m a skilled manual worker and most of the time try out new things. Building stuff is fun for me, especially if I can reuse material or create things out of stuff people threw away.


Ahhhhh….not just your brain needs food, also your body needs some very delicious spoiling. My recipes are all vegan and I try to use manly things from my garden too.

No need for a label

That´s a tricky one…or not? Some things really don´t need a label.